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Mercato delle macchine e degli impianti usati

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Used Double Action Double Sided Presses

A double column double impact press is a type of mechanical press used in metalworking for punching, bending, deep drawing and other forming processes. The press consists of a frame with two vertical uprights forming the frame. Between the uprights is a flywheel that stores energy for the pressing process. A motor drives the flywheel, which is then connected to the eccentric mechanism via a coupling. The eccentric mechanism is a rotating shaft with an eccentric cam that controls the movement of the press. As the cam rotates, it moves the connecting rods, located at the lower face of the eccentric, up and down, causing the rams (or pressure plates) at the ends of the connecting rods to move up and down. Unlike the double-column single-impact press, the double-column double-impact press processes the workpiece twice for each actuation of the machine, once for each stroke of the eccentric. This results in a higher production speed than with the double-column single-impact press. Two-column double-impact presses are often used in mass production of parts such as metal lids, cans, switches and other components where high production rates are required. They are also useful in applications where the workpiece must be machined on both sides, such as coin minting. The double-column double-impact press offers high accuracy and can be equipped with tools that allow complex shapes to be created. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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