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Used Bending and Cut-off for Profiles

Profile bending and cutting refers to the processes of bending and cutting metal or plastic profiles to obtain specific shapes and dimensions. It is an important step in the production of components and structures for a variety of applications in different industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace and many others. Profile bending can be done by various methods, including roll bending, press brake bending, and press bending. These methods use special tools and machines to shape the profile materials into the desired shape. When profiles are cut, the material is cut along a specific point to bring it to the desired length. There are several factors that must be considered in order to successfully produce bent and cut profiles, such as the type of material, the thickness of the material, the desired shape, and the tolerances that must be met. It is also important to ensure that the tooling and machinery are properly maintained and calibrated to ensure accurate and consistent shaping and trimming.

FACCIN 4HEL 3139 4-roller plate bending machine
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FACCIN 4HEL 3139 4-roller plate bending machine
Bending and Cut-off for Profiles